Emotional management in the salon and home

Emotional Wellness within the Salon Starter Kit

To best serve our clientele we have stepped up our wellness game by diving deep into the world of emotional wellness while in the salon. We use a combination of products, draperies, lighting, and specific aromatherapy to ensure emotional balance while in our space. We have a huge testimony of how awakening the senses of our clientele while in our company has deepened the experience and overall satisfaction of the clients visit. To ensure health and safety precautions each client is given fresh towels, drapings, tools, and a custom mixture of essential oils while receiving a massage. The specific essential oils used to promote a positive and relaxing state of mind are lavender, peace and calming, stress away, and frankincense. All of these oils ensure the clients senses to be triggered while creating a connection with the stylist that leaves a positive impression forever. This is why we are committed to our tailored way of catering to our clients and this all ensures a safe and positive experience that we truly adore. Come and try it for yourself and see!